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CSI Keyboards has over 35 years of experience designing backlit human machine interfaces and backlit panels and signage for the aerospace industry. Whether it be for personal lighting, in-flight entertainment, overhead cabin indicators, seat controls, or cockpit control panels, CSI Keyboards has extensive experience designing keypads for the aerospace industry that are both sleek and reliable. Our aerospace products are designed to be light weight and flame retardant, and intended for use in high altitudes.

The aerospace industry typically prefers a backlit solution for their keypad application due to the fact that they are being used in low light environments. CSI can design and manufacture a keypad that increases both visibility, tactile response and aesthetics. CSI Keyboards can also accommodate Mil Spec standards, infrared filtering for LED indicator lights, LED backlighting, and display filtering.

CSI Keyboards Aerospace Membrane Keypad
CSI Keyboards Aerospace Membrane Switch
CSI Keyboards Aerospace Membrane Switch

Custom Aerospace Keypads and Interface Capabilities:

  • Backlighting
  • Durable and ruggedized interfaces – resistance to a wide range of chemicals, solvents, surface wear, and abrasion
  • Environmental sealing
  • Deadfront interface technologies
  • Touch screen and display integration
  • Integrated reinforced display windows
  • Tactile keys using stainless steel metal domes
  • Infrared filtered LEDs for indicator lights and/or backlighting (NVIS)
  • Infrared filters for display windows (NVIS)
  • EMI and RFI filtering using stainless steel mesh or a printed silver grid
  • Full turnkey assembly with display, enclosure, LEDs, and loaded PCBAs

Custom Aerospace Interface Backlighting Capabilities:
CSI Keyboards uses many different technologies to backlight your aerospace keypad or interface including but not limited to:

  • LEDs: the most popular and economical method for keyboard backlighting. LEDs are most commonly used to backlight keys, icons and symbols. LEDs are also typically used as indicator lights. A combination of LEDs, Light Guide Film and proprietary CSI backlighting methods can be designed to backlight the entire surface of a user interface.
  • Electroluminescence (EL): applied on a very thin layer between the graphic overlay and the circuit. EL uses a printable ink deposit to illuminate the switch and provide a uniformed illumination.
  • Fiber Optics: provides a flexible back lighting layer that can be incorporated between the graphic overlay and the circuit layer allowing the entire surface area of the membrane switch to be evenly backlit.
  • Light Guide Film: designed to evenly distribute light from top or side firing LEDs, providing bright, uniformed illumination. It also reduces the amount of LEDs needed, saving power consumption.

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