Parylene Coating for Rubber Keypads

Parylene Coating for Rubber Keypads Parylene coating is a vacuum deposited coating that improves the longevity of silicone keypad artwork by up to ten times. Unlike polyurethane coating, Parylene coating is applied as a gas. The application process allows the parylene polymers to penetrate tight areas on the part, providing

Understanding IP Ratings for Keypads

Understanding IP Ratings for Keypads What is an IP rating?IP or (ingress protection) is the resistance offered by the fixture to the penetration of solids and liquids is indicated by the IP rating. This is a 2 digit number, the first number identifies the degree of protection against the ingress

Environmentally Sealed Switch

Environmentally Sealed Switch CSI Keyboards was asked by our customer to design an environmentally sealed switch with backlight assembly that would withstand the destructive temperatures of the arctic as well as the dry heat of the desert without these extremes degrading its functionality. The reliability of these switches was paramount as they

Parking Meter Problem Solved

Parking Meter Problem Solved! A  customer recently contacted CSI Keyboards to help them design and manufacture a new custom tactile keypad for outdoor use. The application was a parking meter that was currently using a non-tactile capacitive switch using molded polycarbonate. The customer’s end goal was to create a keypad

What is a Membrane Switch?

What is a Membrane Switch? Definition: noun \ mem·brane switch \ ˈmem-ˌbrān ˈswich \ A membrane switch is an interface between man and machine, enabling an operator to communicate with equipment, instrumentation, or machinery. A membrane switch is a printed electronic circuit that uses pressure to open and close a
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