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Membrane Switch Connector Options

Membrane Switch Connector Options   Membrane switch connectors connect the keypad to the product, device or machine. Connectors consist of contacts and molded plastic housings. Membrane switches are connected utilizing a flexible tail that is cut from the circuit material. This flexible tail can be inserted or connected to a printed… Continue Reading →

Membrane Switch Construction

Membrane Switch Construction   Typically a membrane switch assembly typically consists of six to seven main layers:   Graphic Overlay – Graphic overlays are typically constructed of polyester, the material of choice due to its superior chemical resistance and flex life compared to polycarbonate. CSI can either digitally print, screen-print, or… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Using Membrane Switches

Benefits of Using Membrane Switches   Thin Construction: Membrane switches are extremely thin in construction, especially in comparison to other technologies such as mechanical switches. Environmentally Sealed Construction: Membrane switches can be designed with a sealed construction design preventing moisture or contaminant ingress. Low Profile: Membrane switches have a low profile surface which… Continue Reading →

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