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When a Non-Tactile Membrane Switch Makes Sense

When a Non-Tactile Membrane Switch Makes Sense A non-tactile membrane switch is a switch that lacks snap or tactility when pressed or actuated. Non-tactile membrane switches are constructed of copper flex circuity using polyimide Kapton as the base material. Copper flex keypad switches are manufactured by laminating a thin sheet of copper… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Using Copper Flex Circuitry

The Benefits of Using Copper Flex Circuity vs. Printed Silver CSI Keyboards uses copper flex circuitry in the majority of our custom keypad designs due to its excellent dielectric strength, thermal stability, chemical resistance and flexibility. Copper flex, also known as Kapton circuits, have become the superior choice over printed silver especially… Continue Reading →

MD&M BIOMEDevice Tradeshow Recap

MD&M BIOMEDevice Tradeshow Recap Considered to be New England’s biggest medtech showcase, the BIOMEDevice Boston once again did not disappoint. Whether your focus is new materials, intelligent sensors, testing solutions, components, or anything else in the medtech arena, source cutting-edge products and services in a time-saving format with more than… Continue Reading →

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