Design & Engineering

As one of the most experienced keyboard manufacturers and membrane switch companies in the country, CSI Keyboards boasts an unmatched team of keypad engineers in the membrane keypad industry having well over 100 years of combined experience. CSI’s engineering team has designed and engineered highly durable and reliable membrane keypads, rubber switches, and other user interfaces for top tier medical, military, industrial, aerospace, marine, food equipment, automotive fitness, and appliance companies all over the world.

While the majority of our competitors rely solely on overseas engineering and manufacturing sources, CSI Keyboards’ engineering department is based here at our ISO 9001: 2015 certified facility in Peabody, MA, USA making communication with our customers seamless from the early stages of the design, right through final production, and then throughout the life of the product. Having the ability to both design and assemble custom membrane keyboards and human machine interfaces in-house also gives our engineers unmatched rapid prototyping capabilities that other keypad manufacturers simply cannot offer.

Our user interface engineers have developed some of the most innovative designs ever to be introduced to the membrane keypad and switch industry including new cutting-edge methods of backlighting, environmentally sealing and ruggedizing keypads to withstand the harshest of conditions.

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