CSI Dome Array Solutions

Dome sheets or a dome array are a tactile interface between the user and keyboard. They are made of a pre-cut polyester adhesive and domes (typically polyester adhesive 0.05 mm thick with a 0.03 mm thick sheet of acrylic adhesive).

Dome arrays are applied to the printed circuit board after peeling off the liner and aligning the array in one single operation.

CSI Keyboards Dome Array and Dome Sheet

Dome Arrays consist of single metal domes on a pressure sensitive adhesive PET sheet (array), and each single metal dome is in the center of a kiss-cut adhesive square or circle, with release liner backing which can be easily peeled off.  We also have the ability to add improved tactility by adding actuators to the tops of the domes which can also increase the height to your key(s). 

Advantages of Using Dome Array:

The main advantage of utilizing a dome array is ease of assembly: production time is greatly reduced by placing all of the domes on the PCB simultaneously. There are also many less quality issues from the use of our custom arrays, as the dome arrays or dome sheets completely eliminate double dome and dome placement errors during the assembly process.

CSI Keyboards Dome Array
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