General Considerations When Designing a Membrane Switch



• What temperature and humidity range will this product experience?
• What types of contaminants or chemicals will come into contact
with this product?
• Will this product be subjected to moisture and/or U.V. exposure?


• Will tactile response be required?
• To what material will the switch be laminated?
• What number of actuations will this product receive?


• How many contact points will there be?
• What type pinout or matrix will be used? (common bus, X-Y matrix)
• What closed loop resistance will be acceptable?
• Will electrostatic or EMI shielding be necessary?


• Will edges be exposed, recessed, or covered with a bezel?
• Will embossing be required?
• Will there be different parts to the same product? (sets)
• How many colors will be needed?

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