How are Membrane Switches and HMIs Tested?

Testing the membrane switches or HMIs after they are assembled and before they ship is a critical step in our process. CSI Keyboards’ in-house testing capabilities are some of the most comprehensive in the user interface industry. We have custom design testing programs that are programmed to your specifications, saving valuable time in the development process while maintaining product quality and consistency.

Custom Electrical Circuit Testing

To ensure proper functionality of printed electronics, CSI  has developed custom electrical circuit testers. The testers can be used to measure and test membrane switches, printed circuit and other printed electronics. Every key, LED, and component of the membrane switch is tested before it is carefully packaged and shipped out the door. CSI offers circuit testing on 100% of our printed electronics components. 

Vision System Testing

CSI Keyboards is equipped with a variety of custom design vision systems for part inspection. The systems utilize specialized vision tools for measurement and visual defect inspection, which enables CSI to ensure the conformity of various manufactured parts.

CSI utilizes in-house tools and machinery for mechanical coordinate measuring to take precise and exact measurements. Measurements are checked carefully to ensure parts are built per specifications. 

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