Mechanically Mounted & Fastened Keypads

While the majority of keypad assemblies are simply adhered to the end product using rear pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), in some cases the product design calls for mechanical mounting. Mechanically fastening the keypad assembly not only provides additional mounting support and rigidity, it also prevents the keypad from being removed or pried from the front (in many cases for security purposes) and allows our customers the flexibility to remove the keypad assemblies out in the field when required. 

The rubber keypad assembly shown below is used in an outdoor lockbox application and has the following design features: 

  • Mechanically fastened using 10 PEM studs that are integrated into a metal backer. 
  • Backlit keys using LEDs, light guide film and laser etching technology.
  • Environmentally sealed based on the design of the rubber which wraps around the entire assembly acting as a gasket.
  • Tactile keys using metal domes.
  • Cable assembly with female connector soldered and sealed to the PCB for connection to customer’s PCB. 
Mechanically Fastened Rubber Keypad
Rubber Keypad Mounted to Outdoor Lock Box
Mechanically Fastened Rubber Keypad
Rubber Keypad with PEM Studs for Mounting
Mechanically Fastened Rubber Keypad
Rear View of Rubber Keypad with PEM Studs
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