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Military Keypads

When a military or defense application calls for a human machine interface, it requires a keypad this is both highly reliable and extremely weather-tight. For the military and defense industry, CSI Keyboards designs keypads and user interfaces that have excellent tactile response built for gloved or bare handed users, while retaining a tight seal from all environments.

Most companies that are building a product per a military spec are also looking for a keypad that is manufactured in the United States, which is where CSI Keyboards is able to assist. Designed and manufactured at our facility in Peabody, MA, our custom military keypads and human machine interfaces are built to the highest standards possible, ensuring that our customer receives a keypad that is rugged, reliable and professional in appearance.

Military Rubber Keypad
CSI Keyboards Military Membrane Switch
CSI Keyboards Military Rubber Membrane Switch
CSI Keyboards Military Membrane Switch

Custom Military Keypads and Interface Capabilities:

  • Environmental sealing built for harsh environments and extreme temperatures
  • Resistance to chemicals, solvents, surface wear, and abrasion
  • Membrane or elastomeric switch with exceptional tactile feel for gloved or bare handed users
  • EMI / ESD / RFI shielding using stainless steel or printed silver mesh Embedded and integrated touch screens and displays
  • Reinforced windows using an optically bonded clear polycarbonate
  • Infrared filtered LEDs for indicator lights and/or backlighting (NVIS)
  • Infrared filters for display windows (NVIS)
  • Backlighting using LEDs, light guide film, or fiber optics
  • Full turnkey assembly with displays, LEDs, enclosures, and loaded PCBs

ITAR Registered

CSI Keyboards is registered with the United States Department of Defense as an ITAR registered supplier in addition to being ISO 9001: 2015 certified. Manufacturing locally in the United States not only guarantees a quality keypad or interface, but also allows for greater control of lead times for our customer. While local manufacturing is certainly one quality that makes CSI Keyboards stand out, it is our unparalleled engineering capabilities that truly set us apart from our competitors.

Touch Screen Interface for Military Grade GPS

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