CSI Printed Circuit Board Solutions

PCB Assembly and Manufacturing

CSI Keyboards has been providing their customers with Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and PCBA (PCB Assemblies) for over 35 years. With our combination of electrical and mechanical engineering capabilities, we are able to design and manufacture a complete solution that integrates interface assemblies with loaded PCBs, complete with surface mount components, mechanical hardware, and programmed IC’s. This ensures a turnkey electro-mechanical solution that fits seamlessly and securely within your device or machine. Whether it be as simple as a single layer board with a few surface mount components or a multi-layer PCB with a complex Bill of Materials, CSI can design and manufacture a Printed Circuit Board for any application.

We offer low cost one-stop PCB assembly services including PCB fabrication, procurement of components, and final circuit board assembly. With our professional soldering technicians, SMT process engineers and component procurement specialists, we can provide an affordable highly flexible assembly process with quick turnaround.

PCB Capabilities

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