CSI Plastic Injection Molded Solutions

Plastic Injection Molding

Customers turn to CSI Keyboards for their plastic injection molding requirements, whether it be for a plastic case, enclosure or complete assembly. CSI Keyboards’ mechanical engineering expertise enables us to design and manufacture a complete assembly, which can be comprised of a custom HMI (i.e. rubber keypad, membrane switch, touch screen and display solution) designed into a plastic faceplate and rear cover. Designing our HMI’s in SolidWorks, CSI Keyboards works directly with our customers to ensure that each mechanical component fits exactly to specifications. 

Our Plastic Capabilities Include:

• Over Molding
• Insert and Multi-shot Injection Molding
• Designing
• Assembly
• Heat Staking
• Hot Stamping
• Pad Printing
• Ultrasonic Welding
• Spraying and coating

Plastic Injection Molding

Various Plastic Materials Include:

• PA (Nylon)
• PP
• PE
• Polyester
• PC and Acrylic

Injection Molded Plastic Advantages:

  • The plastic injection molding process is a fully automated process to realize high production efficiency.
  • The plastic injection molding process makes it possible to produce detailed or complicated parts. The moment a part is manufactured via the plastic injection molding process, there would be little finishing work needing to be done, because the produced parts look extremely finished.
  • Availability of a wide range of materials in the plastic injection molding process, or mix different materials for a combined outcome (co-molding).
  • Very little waste will be produced in the injection molding process, because excessive materials are able to be easily recycled.
  • Mold inserts can be used to produce a new or modified part (through this process, you can change the internal cavity without complete redesigning or re-machining of the steel or aluminum tools by CNC). 
Injection Molded Plastic

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