Requirements for Handling Membrane Switches

CSI Keyboards takes pride in manufacturing quality products and wishes nothing more than to maintain the quality of your products through years to come. But even the highest quality products can be damaged stemming from all different reasons such as shipping, handling and application factors.

CSI has been working with membrane switches for over 35 years and consider ourselves the experts in product care and handling. Below is some information on what care must be taken to prevent damage to your products as well as what maintenance suggestions.



Windows are typically the most easily damaged portion of a membrane switch assembly. CSI suggests that you use a clear hard coat to prevent scratching, which minimalizes the chances of scuffing that could be caused by everyday handling. CSI also coats the uncoated (reverse) side of the window with a peel-able masking film. We suggest this stays on the product until the very last moment prior to assembly in order to protect the window during assembly handling. Upon request, CSI will also apply a poly-masking film that goes over the top of the overlay window and can also be peeled off upon assembly. 

Adhesive choice may not matter when it comes to the damage that your product can take, but it will matter in accordance with the overall life expectancy of your product. Thicknesses in adhesives vary and certain adhesives are better suited for certain surfaces. Specifically, you will need to know what kind of surface you are applying your product to and whether or not it has high surface energy (HSE) or low surface energy (LSE). Other surfaces to consider would include powder coated paints, silicon or rubber, and metal finishes. CSI’s staff will be able to help you choose the right adhesive for your application and determine what kind of surface you are looking to apply your product to so that your product won’t end up peeling from its surface.

Shipping can play a huge role in damaging your products. CSI’s experienced shipping staff has procedures in place to ensure your products will be delivered to you in perfect condition. Bubble wrap, foam and shipping paper is also available to fill in empty gaps to secure the product. If you are still concerned about how your product is packaged to prevent any damage, ask for specific packing instructions to be sent to our shipping team.


Maintenance, Care and Handling:

  1. Do not bend the product.

  2. Do not attempt to take the product apart.

  3. Do not press or push the membrane switch keys while it is unsupported. The keypad must be on a flat surface.

For more details, check out CSI’s Guide to the membrane switch application here.

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