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Patented Custom Membrane Toggle Switch

CSI Keyboards’ latest user interface innovation is our patented rubber keypad toggle switch. The only membrane toggle switch on the market, this momentary keypad is a completely sealed switch that combines extreme durability with customizable actuation force. Like a membrane switch, this product can be 100% customized, allowing for easy integration into your product. Its assembly involves ergonomically designed molded rubber keys, which actuate standard metal domes on a flexible circuit or printed circuit board. Using standard, readily available domes allows for a vast range of dome sizes and actuation forces. The keypad design itself can also be entirely customized from both a mechanical and aesthetic perspective.

More cost effective and with a longer life expectancy than any mechanical toggle switch available, the CSI Toggle Switch is an excellent choice for any application. 

Why fuss with a mechanical toggle when you can use the CSI Toggle?

CSI Toggle Switch Advantages over Mechanical Toggle Switches:

  • Ease of integration into our customer’s electronics using a standard flex tail + connector
  • Ease of integration into our customer’s product assembly using standard PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) and/or mechanical components (such as PEM studs)
  • 100% customizable in design versus standard mechanical switches limited design flexibility
    • Customizable Mechanical Layout
    • Customizable Actuation Force
    • Customizable Aesthetics
  • Durable, ruggedized and robust in design
  • Completely sealed
  • Backlighting integration
  • More cost effective
Toggle Switch


Toggle Switch Options:

  • 2-way toggle
  • 3-way toggle
  • 4-way toggle
Toggle Switch
Toggle Switch

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