Turnkey HMI Solutions

CSI Keyboards is the one stop shop for all of your HMI turnkey interface solutions and front panel input interface assemblies that incorporate a variety of electronic components. Our broad product line and engineering expertise allows for us to design and manufacture fully integrated interface solutions at a lower cost and better flexibility for the customer. Customers all over the world rely on CSI Keyboards’ expertise to design, manufacture, and assemble the whole turnkey user interface.

By providing the entire value-added assembly, CSI not only minimizes the amount of moving parts for our customers but also overall time and cost. It also allows our customers the ability to place one single purchase order under one single part number for the entire interface. Our longstanding supplier relationships and over 30 years of manufacturing and assembly expertise provides increased control and lower costs for your company.

From membrane keypads and elastomeric assemblies, to touch screens and touch panels integrated with displays, CSI Keyboards specializes in designing and fully integrating a variety of components and customized parts into a complete custom turnkey keypad assembly and user interface for your company. We can take your concepts and bring your product to fruition providing you with the complete plug and play keypad package from one dependable and experienced source.

CSI Keyboards has over 30 years of experience specializing in the integration of the below technologies into complex user interface turnkey keypad assemblies:

  • Value-Added Membrane Switch Panel and Turnkey User Interface
  • Fully Loaded PCBs (printed circuit boards)
  • Integrated Touch Screens
  • Integrated Displays
  • Integrated Display Windows
  • Optical bonding and adhesive bonding for touch screen + display solutions
  • G10 Backers
  • Metal Backers
  • Flex Circuits
  • Enclosures and Housings
  • Bezel Integration and Assembly
  • Connectors
  • Cable Assemblies
  • EMI / ESD / RFI Shielding
  • Barcode scanners

Integrated Touch Screen and Display Solutions
CSI Keyboards’ Integrated Touch Screen and Display Solutions are second to none, combining our many technologies and utilizing our interface expertise to meet your specific product requirements. CSI is able to provide a full all in one, turnkey touch screen assembly incorporating the touch panel, display, and controller integrated into a bezel, open-framed design, panel mount, or keypad. Using optical bonding or adhesive bonding, CSI Keyboards can provide a fully integrated touch screen + display solution to meet your medical requirements. Our touch screen solutions can then be integrated with a graphic overlay, membrane keypad, rubber switch, or bezel for a complete value added assembly. CSI interfaces are carefully designed and built to survive in any environment. Our touch screen solutions can be sealed to prevent moisture and contaminant ingress and are designed to withstand repeated use and chemical cleaning. Applications include medical, POS, industrial, kiosks, military, retail, gaming, office automation, transportation, and commercial.

Engineering Capabilities
As one of the most experienced keyboard manufacturers and membrane switch companies in the country, CSI Keyboards boasts an unmatched engineering team in the membrane keypad and human machine interface industry having well over 100 years of combined experience designing and engineering highly durable and reliable membrane keypads, rubber switches, and other user interfaces. Our engineering team has designed keypads for top tier medical, military, industrial, aerospace, marine, food equipment, automotive fitness, and appliance companies all over the world.

While the majority of our competitors rely solely on overseas engineering and manufacturing sources, CSI Keyboards’ engineering department is based here at our ISO 9001: 2015 certified facility in Peabody, MA, USA making communication with our customers seamless from the early stages of the design, right through final production, and then throughout the life of the product. Having the ability to both design and assemble custom membrane keyboards in-house also gives our engineers unmatched rapid prototyping capabilities that other keypad manufacturers simply cannot offer.

Our engineers have developed some of the most innovative designs ever to be introduced to the membrane keypad and switch industry including new cutting-edge methods of backlighting, environmentally sealing and ruggedizing keypads to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Complimentary Samples Available Upon Request
Samples of our full turnkey value-added interface technologies are available upon request. Please feel free to fill out a Quote Form or Contact Us by telephone or email to request samples of our products which will further demonstrate our full turnkey solution capabilities.

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