Wearable Electronics & Technologies

One of the hottest and fastest growing areas in printed electronics is wearable electronics. New technologies are enabling highly conductive electronic circuits that are flexible, soft, and durable. One of the fastest-growing applications for wearable technology is in the medical field. Medical applications such as patient-worn patches require a high degree of engineering expertise. Our team of engineers works closely with medical device product developers throughout the design, testing, prototyping and manufacturing processes. CSI Keyboards also utilizes the most advanced adhesives, functional printing methods, ink selections, fabrication and assembly methods, hydro-gels, and packaging options to optimize these products’ performance and speed to market.

Other applications for wearable technologies includes wearable health sensors, consumer electronics, and sports. The wearable electronics industry is growing fast and this new application of flex circuit technology is being used more and more with greater results. The adoption of wearable technology is driving new product development and the possibilities for using this technology are endless. 

Printed clear conductive ink, silver ink, carbon and dielectric are key materials in wearable electronics manufacturing. Ink suppliers are helping to develop and advance this technology by developing new conductive inks and advanced materials. Some of the premium quality design and assembly options we offer include embossing, thin film polyester substrates, thru hole printing, and medical grade foams and adhesives. Using the best functional ink is essential in manufacturing wearable electronic circuits, and we employ the finest in the industry. These include silver/silver chloride, radiolucent conductive, zinc, carbon, and dielectric inks. We also offer a broad array of user-specific features, including sealed pouches, surface-mounted components on flexible circuits, screen printed graphics, silicone molding and custom shapes and sizes depending on the design.

At CSI Keyboards, our long history of offering leading edge solutions in the printed electronics technology makes us uniquely qualified to manufacture the finest quality, state-of-the-art wearable electronic circuits, and patch assemblies. Our circuits and assemblies are used for the most challenging applications and in the most demanding industries on the market. To meet the needs of this growing segment, we offer the broadest range of wearable circuit technology available. This includes screen printed circuits, electrodes, and sensors, all available with fast and cost-effective assembly operations.


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