What is a Gasket Design or Seal Frame in a Membrane Switch?

The Achilles heel for membrane switch sealing is most always the flex tail breakout area. The tail typically breaks out of the rear of the switch and because the tail is made of the same material as the circuit, a filler piece replaces the ribbon cable shape in the materials of the membrane switch. The gaps on either side of this tail filler is typically where moisture can enter the membrane switch.

A gasket or perimeter seal frame design can solve this problem. A membrane switch with a gasket or perimeter seal does not have a tail filler therefore there is no direct pathway for liquid ingress. CSI Keyboards’ perimeter seal frame switches have proven to be as robust as other sealing methods such as perimeter temperature sealing and can be included in your design at minimal additional cost.

CSI Keyboards Gasket Perimeter Seal for Membrane Switches
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