CSI Develops a Full Turnkey Medical Keypad Interface


A customer recently approached CSI requesting a full turnkey medical interface design. Their product required an integrated display, light bar for indicating status of the product (3 colors), IR sensor, a buzzer and four keys. The product is a medical device, so it was also critical that the keypad was environmentally sealed and chemically resistant. 

Medical Keypad Interface Assembly
  • Graphic Overlay 
    • Window for Display
    • Window for Light Bar
    • Red Transparent Window for IR Sensor
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly:
    • TFT Display adhered to rear of PCB
    • IR Sensor mounted to rear of PCB
    • Buzzer mounted to rear of PCB
    • RGB LEDs
    • Light Guide Film 
    • Dome Switches
Full Turnkey Membrane Switch HMI Assembly
Backlit Membrane Switch with Display

Backlit Status Light Bar:

By utilizing side-firing LEDs and Light Guide Film (LGF), CSI Keyboards was able to design and develop a membrane switch with an LED light bar. The CSI Engineers used RGB LEDs, ensuring that they were mounted/located in areas on the PCB that would ensure optimal backlighting. The next step was designing the Light Guide Film ensuring the light guide prisms were designed for optimal backlighting and eliminating any chance for hot spots. 

Blue Backlit Light Bar

Backlit Blue Membrane Switch

Yellow Backlit Light Bar

Backlit Yellow Membrane Switch

Red Backlit Light Bar

Backlit Red Membrane Switch
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