CSI Develops Heavy Duty Sealed Keypad


Product: Mounted on the outside of an auxiliary vehicle exposed to: water, dust, dirt, ice, rock bombardment, etc.

Case: Customer approached CSI with a keypad that was failing out in the field.

Product Issues:

  • Keypad failing out in the field due to moisture ingress
  • Domes collapsing
  • Graphic overlay fading from UV exposure
  • Lack of tactile response when pressing keys
  • Keypad peeling off of surface

CSI Final Solution:

  • 100% Environmentally Sealed Keypad (as a standalone part)
  • Durable and Ruggedized Rubber Keypad Design
  • UV Resistant Keys
  • Improved the Design & Tactility of Keys
  • Upgrade Rear Adhesive for Stronger Adhesion to Surface
CSI Keyboards Sealed Heavy Duty Keypad
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