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Medical Keypads

The medical industry has long depended on CSI Keyboards’ membrane switch and touch screen technology to serve as the user interface for their products. Our custom membrane switches and human machine interfaces offer a professional and finished appearance to a product. We design our medical interfaces and keypads with a continuous surface that covers any display or window, as well as the electronics that sit inside of the product. The smooth and continuous surface allows for easy sterilization and cleaning of the custom medical keypad.

In the medical environment, it is crucial for the keypad or interface to be both environmentally sealed and durable. CSI utilizes our 35+ years of experience designing and manufacturing membrane switches to provide our customers with a product that will perform and withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

CSI Keyboards Medical Rubber Membrane Switch
Touch Screen Interface
CSI Keyboards Medical Membrane Switch
CSI Keyboards Medical Membrane Switch

Custom Medical Keypads and Interface Capabilities:

  • Reinforced windows using optically bonded polycarbonate material
  • Tactile keys using stainless steel metal domes
  • Touch screen + display technology using optical bonding or adhesive bonding technology
  • Backlighting of specific keys, words, and/or company logos
    Embedded LEDs for indication
  • Durable product built to withstand daily use
  • Resistance to chemicals, solvents, surface wear, and abrasion
  • Hermetically and environmentally sealed to ensure circuit protection
  • Embossed keys ranging from .015” to .050” in height
  • Silk screening or complex digital printing for color fades
  • Proprietary Life Extending Cushion Switch design, offering better tactile feel as well as increased life and reliability of the keypad
  • Full assemblies integrated with PCBs, backers, enclosures, displays.
  • EMI / ESD / RFI Shielding
Membrane Keypad for Medical Interface

Medical Touch Screen & Display Full Solution Interfaces

Many medical companies rely on CSI Keyboards to design touch screen and display interfaces into their applications and products. Using optical bonding or adhesive bonding, CSI Keyboards can provide a fully integrated touch screen + display solution to meet your medical requirements. Our touch screen solutions can then be integrated with a graphic overlay, membrane keypad, rubber switch, or bezel for a complete value added assembly. CSI interfaces are carefully designed and built to survive in any environment. Our touch screen solutions can be sealed to prevent moisture and contaminant ingress and are designed to withstand repeated use and chemical cleaning.

Antimicrobial Membrane Keypads

One of our newer technologies in the custom medical keyboard world has been our antimicrobial capabilities. CSI Keyboards offers antimicrobial membrane keypad technology perfect for medical applications, providing protection against a many bacteria including Ecoli and MRSA. The antimicrobial polyester is extremely durable and resistant to scratching, scuffing, chemicals and solvents, while offering excellent tactile feel.

Medical Keypad Application Examples:

  • Nurse station keypads and interfaces
  • Hospital bed keypads and interfaces
  • Patient monitor keypads and patient care interfaces
  • Diagnostic equipment keypads and interfaces
  • Blood Analyzers
  • Defibrillator keypads and interfaces
  • Infusion pump keypads and interfaces

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